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Release date: June 13, 1969
Highest Chart Position: US - UK 9

Soundtrack to the film by the same name, More is regarded as one the most under-rated and overlooked Pink Floyd albums.
Commissioned to record the score by Barbet Schroeder, the band members wrote, recorded, and mixed the entire album in just eight days without having seen the finished film. The album versions differ greatly from the versions heard in the film, however, and at least two known tracks, an unnamed/unidentified instrumental and 'Seabirds', appear only in the film. The album features a varity of song types ranging from acoustic ballads("Green is the Colour") to heavy metal ("The Nile Song") to the usual early Floyd abstract mood piece ("Quicksilver").
A tragic love/drug story set on the hippy island Ibiza, the film More was directed by Schroeder, produced by Jet Films, and stared Mimsi Farmer and Klaus Grunberg. The film earned cult classic status in France helping Pink Floyd to earn much more popularity in that part of Europe than usually given to English and American groups during the late 60's. Viewed by EMI as a special project, More helped the band to gain much more artistic freedom and earned them a higher royalty than their previous albums; it also showed the band could produce their own albums.
More is possibly the first Floyd ablum in which Roger Waters asserts himself as the main writer for the post-Barrett Floyd (a trend not quite followed throughout the next four albums, however), but his lyrics come accross rather week when compared to Barrett's (and Waters' later) work.
At this point, the band was very interested in getting into anything in terms of film(they would later attempt many additional soundtracks including the Appolo 11 moon landings aired on the BBC), and later expressed great disapointement in that they didn't score the soundtrack to the Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Odyssey.
In the song "Cymbaline" the line "will the final couplet rhyme" actually refers to the final couplet in the song which happens to be the only couplet that dosn't rhyme. Also in "Cymbaline," the line "and Dr. Strange is always changing size" refers to the band's interest in Marvel Comics and Dr. Strange in particular. Both of which have also come up in the covers for A Saucerful of Secrets and A Nice Pair. A different version of "Cymbaline" is featured in the film and is sung by Waters. Apparently, the song "Up the Khyber" was to be used during the anal sex scene in the film. Khyber is actually Rhyming slang for ass.
Produced By:
Pink Floyd

Sleeve Design:

Recored At:
Pye Studios, London

Re-mastering For CD Supervised By:
James Guthrie

Re-mastered By:
Doug Sax, at the Mastering Lab, LA

Re-packaging For CD By:
Storm Thorgerson
Jonathan Crossland

Album Tracks:
Cirrus Minor
Time: 5:17 | Written By: Waters
Vocals By: Gilmour

The Nile Song
Time: 3:21 | Written By: Waters
Vocals By: Gilmour

Crying Song
Time: 3:31 | Written By: Waters
Vocals By: Gilmour, Wright

Up The Khyber (Juke Box)
Time: 2:10 | Written By: Mason, Wright

Green is the Colour
Time: 2:58 | Written By: Waters
Vocals By: Gilmour

Time: 4:49 | Written By: Waters
Vocals By: Gilmour(on the album), Waters(in the movie)

Party Sequence
Time: 1:08 | Written By: Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason

Main Theme
Time: 5:28 | Written By: Waters, Wright, Gilmour

Ibiza Bar
Time: 3:13 | Written By: Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason
Vocals By: Gilmour

More Blues
Time: 2:12 | Written By: Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason

Time: 7:07 | Written By: Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason

A Spanish Piece
Time: 1:02 | Written By: Gilmour
Vocals By: Gilmour

Dramatic Theme
Time: 2:16 | Written By: Waters, Wright

"You start in the studio without anything, and you work until you come up with stuff. You chuck things down and ask, 'How about something like this?'; then you work on it a bit. It's not the same process as making your own music for yourself --much more hurried, and less care tends to be taken." --David Gilmour
"Films seem to be the answer for us at the moment. It would be nice to do a science-fiction movie -- our music seems to be that way oriented." -- Rick Wright