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guitar tabs
here are alot of led zeppelin songs tabed out for all you guitar players out there

they are listed alphabeticly for easier browsing this section is now pretty much complete but I will add a few more songs from time to time
so just keep checking back here and please feel free to print any of tabs you get from this site

Achilles last stand
All of my love
Black Dog
Black mountin slide
Bring it on home
Communication breakdown
Custard Pie
D'yer Mak'er
Going to california
Good times,Bad times
Hey Hey what can I do?
Houses of the holy
I can't quit you baby
Im gonna crawl
Immigrant song
In my time of Dying
In the evening
Lemon song
Living loving maid
Misty Mountain top
Moby Dick
Nobodys fault but mine
Over the hills and far away
Rock and Roll
Since ive been loveing you
Stairway to heaven
Thank you
The Ocean
The rain song
The Rover
The song remains the same
Trampled underfoot
Traveling riverside blues
What is and what should never be
When the levee breaks
Whole lotta love
Wanton song
You Shook me