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The dark side of the moon (the Pink floyd side)
Over the hills and far away (the Led Zeppelin side)
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welcome to the machine...this is the new side of over the hills and far away this part though will foucs on another
great band which is pink floyd but rest ashured in time this site will have all that the other side has and maybe a bit

About the band
guitar tabs
Contact Me

today is the grand opening of the new side of my site I dont have much up right now but soon I will
note:some of these links will take u back to the other side im sorry about that ill fix it later)

lyrics section is done and im workin on the discograpy

8-10-02  I finsished the about the band section I put up a bio of each memmber including syd and I found a really
good article about the history of the band and I posted it

I have finished the About the band section and I finally put some pics up in the Pics section

I finished the discography section and I began working on the guitar tabs section