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Over the hills and far away (the Led Zeppelin side)

welcome to my led zeppelin/pink floyd fan site here you will find lyrics pics and everything else about
these 2 bands :

and pink floyd

The dark side of the moon (the Pink floyd side)
(click the link above to go to the other side)

if you want to email me directly please do so I welcome your complements and/or your critizem my email adress is (sorry its not a hyperlink)

the led zeppelin side:

about the band
guitar tabs
Contact Me

this many people have been here since 4-2-02


Today is the grand opening of my new led zeppelin web site all I have up now is jimmy pages bio and the lyrics to every album and thats just the start

I put up a new bio of robert plant because I didn't like my old one it was too short and I put alot of new pics up

added john bonhams bio go to about the band to see it

added pictures or robert plant to the pictues section

sorry I haven't updated in a while I had to study for my finals (not) today I added some links in the links page
I also put a few album cover pics up in the pics page

I started working on the guitar tab section its coming along well but its far from done so just be pateint with me
I'll have it finished pretty soon click here to go there now

Ok ive been working very very very very hard on the guitar tabs section and so far im up to the Ls (remmber its
in alphabetical order starting with A so thats pretty far I guess)

I stayed up very late last night to work on the guitar tabs section some more im up to the R's and I added the new
john paul jones picture gallery  so click here to go check them out

I added a whole lot more guitar tabs im up to the W's now use the link above to go to the guitar section now

I am finished with the guitar tabs section!!!!!! guitar tabs I also moved and improved the discography section so now its more in depth Discography

ok I finished the discography and now im pretty much done with the site I just have to get some more pictures on it

I have now finished the album covers section of the pics section of this web site but I only put the bands true studio albums up just as I did in the discography section

ok ive posted everything I wanna post about led zeepelin so im considering adding another band to this site (pink floyd) so then the site would become a zeppelin/floyd site im still concidering this idea so email me if u have any comments on my idea

constrotion on the other side of this site has begun click the link at the top of this page to go to the other side the pink
floyd side

on the other side of this sire the lyrics section is done and im workin on the discograpy